Among the inventions of this day and age, the garbage disposal has probably made one of the most significant impacts on the utility and cleanliness of the kitchens. These disposals provide a level of convenience that is just hard to rival in terms of efficiency. For this, it is imperative to take proper care of these units in order to avoid the cost of garbage disposal repair. That being said, here are some points to keep in mind:

Keep the Disposed of Products Biodegradable

Organic matter ought to be the only things going into the disposal. Generally, it is advisable to avoid any fibrous items such as onion skins and corn shucks. That is because this kind of matter can get stuck around the blades and cause jams or even motor malfunctions. Meat drippings and fatty oils are also a huge no. That’s because they tend to build up inside the garbage disposal and are among the leading causes of clogged pipes. It is advisable to use cold water if there is a chance of anything oily going down the drain. The coolness will keep the oil in a relatively solid state, thus allowing the blades to break everything into small pieces effectively.

Keep it Clean

Perhaps the best thing you can do to maintain your garbage disposal properly is to utilize it. Frequent use helps prevent the corrosion of the moving parts and can ideally keep it from locking up. You should, however, avoid using harsh chemicals. Turn the unit on and pour a few drops of washing soap down the drain and run cold water at the same time. The dishwashing soap will do an excellent job of breaking down the sludge build up as well as cutting down bad odors. Citrus fruit can also help cut the down the bad smells.

Keep it Safe

Metal, glass, large bones and plastic should never go in the sink. A repair will most likely be needed if anything too hard comes into contact with the unit’s blades. If the garbage disposal becomes jammed, do not reach into it with your hands. The unit’s blades are very sharp and can easily cut you even when the system is turned off. Broken glass is equally dangerous. That said, ensure you check the unit before turning it on.

Keep it Serviced

Garbage disposal units are sturdy and often last for many years without the need for professional service and repair. However, if there is anything questionable regarding the function of the unit, it is advisable to contact a professional. A trained individual can easily solve most of the disposal problems and most service providers offer free estimates. The cost of availing a professional is worth it considering the service involves dealing with sharp blades that aren’t easy to see, as well mechanical and electrical components, in addition to plumbing. Keep in mind that technicians have the required training to diagnose the issue and work on it safely.

True to its name, a garbage disposal unit has made it possible to avoid throwing scraps of food into the trash can. As such, ensure you properly maintain it for optimal functionality.


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